NIX at Laracon EU Amsterdam 2019

12 December 2019

The list of events where you can meet NIX has grown: recently our guys have attended Laracon EU Amsterdam 2019. Our PHP developers came back from Amsterdam inspired for future projects, with new knowledge and improved skills. A leading European conference gathers the international community of Laravel PHP in different cities. This time, the event took place in Amsterdam.

Laracon EU gives participants an unforgettable experience. For two days, gurus from the leading global companies had been telling participants about the latest trends in PHP web development. Listeners can take part in discussions that improve skills more effectively than any specialized courses and bring back home heavy bags of knowledge to be able to implement the latest technologies in your projects.

We constantly monitor conferences like Laracon. This is our method to always stay on the same level as the global leaders in development, find out about the development trends of the language and frameworks. This is also a way to maintain our level of qualification. When I learned I would become one of the participants of Laracon 2019, I was pleasantly surprised. I gained a real opportunity to experience the atmosphere of the event and to exchange experiences with colleagues from other countries. Before the trip, we examined the list of reports and tried to divide important topics between us, so later we could share information within our team and each of us was able to pay attention to those issues that they considered most useful.

Alexander, РНР Developer at NIX

This year the two-day conference collected more than 800 participants from all over the world. It included a set of sessions that mainly focused on in-depth technical topics relevant to those working with Laravel. Every minute spent at the conference enhances the professional skills of developers through participation in interesting discussions, meetings with other specialists and expert training during the sessions. Our guys are already using the newest development trends in their working projects and looking forward to the next year’s Laracon in Madrid.