NIX at KotlinConf 2019

18 March 2020

Skip at least one large and important IT conference? No way! That’s why we couldn’t miss the annual KotlinConf, which was held in December 2019. Although the trip is over, our guys are more than happy to recall their memories and share them with us.

The main audience of KotlinConf’19 are, naturally, Kotlin developers. However, at the last conference around 20% of visitors from the 1700 people present at the event appeared to be iOS developers.

The conference was held in Copenhagen, at the Bella Center. The numerous speakers held the top-class presentations and showed a deep analysis of the chosen topics. The NIX team had studied the conference agenda in advance and organized their schedule in such a way that allowed them to visit as many different lectures as possible since several lectures at the conference were held simultaneously. The guys managed to visit the presentation “Kotlin Uncovered” by Chet Haase and Romain Gay from Google, “Asynchronous Data Streams with Kotlin Flow” by Roman Elizarov and “Kotlin Puzzlers, vol 3” by Anton Keks. The NIX developers also managed to listen to other lectures at the conference. 

I recognized the conference as an opportunity to hear everything that is already out there, from the point of view of its applicability in real-life projects and many years of experience and practice of speakers. Plus, this is a unique chance to talk with the speakers and developers of the leading world companies, ask them for advice and hear expert opinions. KotlinConf’19 pleased with its mood, content and intensiveness.   

Oleg, Android Developer at NIX

The enthusiasm of the guys who returned from KotlinConf’19 has smoldered at NIX for a long time and inspired other developers for productive work. Here at NIX, we are always proud of our guys who thrive professionally and devote all their knowledge and skills to the projects they work on. Supporting their trips to educational events is one of our ways to make sure that your project will get the most relevant and up-to-date tech expertise.