NIX Halloween; Zombie-pony attack

7 November 2016

Welcome to the NIX Halloween party with scary Jack O’Lantern at the entrance hall, a friendly skeleton in the queue to the elevator, hunter’s trophies on the wall, and a little zombie-pony in the dining room.

On this All Hallows’ Eve, there was a real hunt in the corridors of our office: crazy hunters immediately hung the best heads on the trophy wall.

Halloween is the only holiday of the year when even the nicest creatures in the world show their dark side. So our lounge hall was captured by the armies of little zombie-pony.

As you know, on All Hallows’ Eve one should take care of two things: stock up on sweets and invent one’s own image to scare off the evil spirits. We at NIX Solutions recorded one more important thing in our To-Do List and proudly put it in front of it “done” at night. The recipe for Halloween fun in the NIX way is a merry party, the traditional punch, and drive-by tracks of Dj Sergio Gusto!