NIX Garage

25 October 2016

On Ukraine’s Defender’s Day, we have prepared “Brutality” for real men of NIX Solutions. Girls turned our office into a garage—a favorite place of real men, where you can put on an old, but favorite pair of jeans, change the tires on a truck and have a drink or two with some friends. :)

There is no place for boring conversations and non-alcoholic beer here. At the entrance to the office, our guys were thoroughly searched—in case someone carried a grim mood. :)

Pin-up girls presented our men with a bouquet of dried fish and tasty beer, and a “drunken” glass.

A Rock garage with plenty of useful and necessary men’s treasures opened its gates into one of the rest areas. Here one could find the first electric guitar, the old “ever 100% useful” exhaust pipe, empty cans, a cassette recorder, bandanas, and posters.

The rocker band that played in the garage was definitely planning to outshine Queens and RHCP.

Here one could feel the emotions of a “Formula-1” prize-winner and showed who is who in the billiard room—here it is, the perfect start to the day of a real man.

Then there was a family garage with a good old carpet on the floor. Here you can find absolutely everything: old computer, used tires, bicycle, radio, barbecue, and even a Christmas tree in the corner. :)

NIX Solutions men challenged our garage quest. With the support of our thoughtful girls, men easily coped with the most arduous task. :))

Then, satisfied with their success in the quest, men went to the grandfather’s garage with a perfectly kept vehicle, onion in a grid, banks with preservation, old skis, and sleds.

Whatever they say, men also get tired sometimes, but never show it. We had a “Pit Stop” with purely masculine delicacies, for guys to recharge themselves at any time and gain strength before the evening party. :)

When all garage things were done, our drive-in theater started: the best films about speed were running until late evening.

Meanwhile, alcohol-filling stations started working. Very soon a cover band “TAKE FIVE” and Dj Soliery with Dj Sergio Gusto began rocking the floor of our garage. We rocked and sang till late into the night, and we will remember this holiday for a long time to come!