NIX Solutions: The Story Behind the Name

9 December 2014

NIX Solutions Ltd. celebrated 20 years in the business this September. It was founded in Kharkiv by 3 enthusiastic developers who decided to turn a passion of their lives into a business. Their first jobs were mostly a development for the UNIX platform. Therefore, when it came to naming the company, it was unanimously decided that it has to be in line with the dominant platform. UNIX inspired them to name the company NIX Solutions as its services spectrum applies to all *NIX-based platforms.

NIX Solutions Ukraine

During the evolution of the *NIX systems, its share of services has much decreased because of the rise of other branches. Nevertheless, the brand awareness of “NIX Solutions” in both Ukrainian and international markets has already been dramatic, so there was no need to change the name.

Over time, employees started to call the company just “NIX” leaving out “Solutions”. In informal social circles and when communicating with NIX Solutions clients, it became common to use “NIX”. They sometimes add the country of origin, “NIX from Israel” or “NIX from Ukraine”, to add context. The fact is that the company’s head office is situated in Israel, while all of its R&D departments are in Ukraine.

You may come across different variants of the brand name: NIXsolutions, NIX Solution, NIX from Ukraine. However, we prefer to use the full company name “NIX Solutions Ltd.” in all official meetings. We believe every part of this name is very important.

“Solutions” is an important part. We insist on the plural form because we never decide upon the very first solution but choose from many alternatives before offering the ultimate one. The motto of the company is to find the solution that will work for the client’s business. We do not only complete certain tasks; we complete them to satisfy our client’s needs because our own success only lies in our client’s business prosperity.

Ltd.” means it is a private company, always has been and will continue to be one. It has been the glue to its high-performing management and response time to the ever-changing tech world.

NIX Solutions Ltd.–here’s to more years of success!