New Year for the very small!

6 January 2017

While NIX Solutions magicians tirelessly prepared costumes for a Magic Party, our kids had fun at the Kids’ Christmas party.

Favorite children’s cartoon characters waited for the youngest of our guests. Tigger, Cinderella with Prince, Mickey, and Minnie Mouse got off the screen to present gifts to kiddies from Santa Claus.

Only Santa Claus could open the chest with gifts, by knocking it with his stick. :).

Other older kids with Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer, Holly, and Chris Santa’s helpers met with a green hog Grinch. He stole a chest with snow, but the kids caught him red-handed. They helped Grinch to love the holidays again and make friends with Santa Claus, and then they all together opened a magic trunk, making real snow fun. :).

The small wizards received Christmas gifts from Santa Claus, promising him to believe in a fairy tale, even when they grow up. :).

Happy New Year, kids!