JAVA Training Program

25 January 2016

In the spring of 2015, our experts from Java Department decided to start a new learning program to train specialists with practical experience in software development. We moved fast with the program and thanks to the efforts of our Java developers, we now have a unique Java training program at NIX Solutions.

36542[1]Who can take this course?

We shaped this course for novice developers and graduate students, who want to code in Java and would like to connect their career with this programming language. Classes are held twice a week, 2–4 hours a day, for 3 months.

“We understood that we shouldn’t compete with university education in computer science, we are not professors, not professional teachers. We wanted to give students what they lack even at the best universities—practice on real projects, with real requirements, conditions, and managers.”—says Alexander, Java-developer at NIX Solutions—“We built the course around the skills we use every day at work, highlighting the most important points.”

Our course teachers are experts in Java with experience in projects with different levels of complexity. They can answer all of your questions, provide feedback on every task, and help you work through all of your projects until they are complete.


Java Program Contents

The program enhances theoretical knowledge and includes material on the latest technologies connected with Java development.

During the training, our students learn:

  • Deeper knowledge of OOP and basic Java knowledge
  • Logging, code testing by JUnit and mock objects;
  • Basics of SQL and databases using JDBS;
  • Code web apps using Servlets API and JSP;
  • Different web app design approaches—Model ½, MVC;
  • Hints of web services (SOAP—and REST), JPA/Hibernate, Spring (IoC, MVC, Security);
  • Basic knowledge about JavaScript frameworks such as JQuery and BackboneJS.

Students work in small groups, with about 10 people in each group. Those who successfully complete the course get an invitation for an interview and an opportunity to join the NIX Solutions team.

“This program is designed for those who already know the OOP concept and the basics of Java,” says Oleg, one of the teachers of the Java course. “Our aim is to systematize this knowledge, show the best practices in dealing with different tasks, and write clear code. Students strengthen their skills programming from simple console applications up to a full-size web-oriented app.”