Incredulous Mimicker Alarm

10 February 2016

Microsoft released a new Android application—persistent Mimicker Alarm, which will not let you sleep the day away.

The idea of the “Mimicker Alarm” application is hidden beneath its name. To turn the alarm off, you need to manage a few simple tasks:

  • make invigorating exercises with your face in the Express Yourself selfie game;
  • find a nearby colored object as soon as possible—the Color Capture game;
  • tell a tongue twister, which is not easy to do in the morning—the Tongue Twister game.


You have 30 seconds to pass the “Mimic” games. If you don’t cope with the tasks in time, the alarm turns on again. Send a morning selfie to your friends, by sharing game achievements.

Users can choose tasks or pass them to Mimicker Alarm.

The application is developed within Microsoft Garage initiatives. The Android-Service platform is based on the «artificial intelligence API» of Microsoft Project Oxford. To improve the computer algorithms of Mimicker Alarm, recorded data is sent to the Microsoft service. The source code and API are also released on GitHub.

Microsoft Mimicker Alarm app is already available on Google Play.