Frontend ~ONE~ Love

30 March 2018

The Frontend Love Conference took place in Amsterdam last February 15-16. NIX Solutions sent representatives to hear about the latest in the web development world. Frontend developer Stanislav shares the details of this event below.

Last month, we participated in the Frontend Love Conference in Amsterdam. As the name implied, this two-day event was totally focused on frontend. The first day was all about the most recent and exciting topics regarding the web-development world; the second day was devoted to the actively developing Vue.js framework.

The conference took place in the event hall of Theater Amsterdam, located on the bank of the canal that flows into the North Sea and divides the city into two. The Theater was filled with professionals, beginners, as well as front-end enthusiasts from all over the world.

The conference logistics was up to the mark; everything went smoothly and without delays. Despite the enormous number of participants and long entry queue, we entered and got registration badges very quickly. Waiters were bustling in and out with food and drinks. Partner companies (and there were, to my surprise, very few of them) attracted visitors with a standard set of stickers and T-shirts. But the main focus was networking, so there weren’t any Playstations or other entertainment that could distract the participants from interacting.

The organizers set up a 55-meter screen (no, that is not a misprint) onstage. Impressive sound and visual effects on that screen were used to introduce the speakers. During each speech, the unoccupied part of the screen area displayed the schedule and other auxiliary information. During breaks, hashtag tweets of participants appeared there. It was a really cool idea and it motivated the audience to tweet about the event.

The speakers were all professional and outstanding. Brevity was the theme of the day, that is why 15 of them managed to speak all in one stream. Among the speakers were Evan You (the creator and idea initiator of Vue.js), Michel Weststrate (the creator of the MobX library), the Chopin brothers Alexandre and Sébastien (authors of Nuxt.js), Sarah Drasner and Eduardo San Martin Morote (from the Vue.js development team).

The topics included the consideration of the concept of reactivity in MobX-Stores, scaffolding of applications with the help of Schematics, the immersion into the history of the augmented reality, and how to evaluate and prioritize tasks in a better way.

The question-and-answer portion after each speech was canceled because it would be problematic for an audience of that size. The schedule was so tight that we decided to attend only the first day of the conference.  We learned so much on this one day that we didn’t regret it.

Amsterdam deserves a few words for its architectural beauty, public transport and very friendly citizens. It’s very easy to fall in love with it.

We are grateful to NIX Solutions for the opportunity to develop our professional skills and gain new knowledge from leading experts in Europe and around the world!