Front-end team of NIX Solutions at United Dev Conf 2017

30 May 2017

In early April, our frontend team attended the United Dev Conf at Minsk, which gathered together over 700 Mobile, Frontend, and HighLoad developers from the USA, South America, Europe, and the CIS. Our people returned home and shared their stories about their trip.

The Belarusian capital met us with rain and chill, but the melancholy vanished as soon as we arrived at the venue—“TEC Galileo.” A beautiful view and cozy chairs created the feeling that soon there would be starting not a conference, but another Marvel movie. :)


United Dev Conf was two days of reports with three technical streams and one stream for marketing and sales. We participated in the Frontend Dev Conf stream but also hooked the Mobicode (it was very interesting to hear about GraphQL).

We paid special attention to foreign speakers—Sara Harkousse, Nicolas Burk, and others.

We would like to note the relevance and the friendliness of speakers, who gave thought-provoking and knowledgeable answers.

The coffee breaks mentioned in the schedule were quite timely. In addition to coffee and biscuits, it was possible to play a console or warm-up on a balance board.



The variety of topics was impressive. There were such reports as:
– Vue.js
– Web Components
– WebVR
– JS in IOT
– Offline second
– Building a better login with the credential management API
– WebAssembly

Practically after each technical topic, a desire to apply this new knowledge to our projects appeared.


After a productive day, one wants to rest productively as well.

On the first day, we enjoyed the hotel with comfortable rooms, prompt service personnel, and a good kitchen.

Minsk is an amazingly clean city, but in terms of architectural beauties, it is rather restrained. And yet we found a couple of wonderful places.

In terms of construction and architecture, Minsk is very similar to Kharkiv. We almost felt as if we had not left our own city. The weather did not particularly indulge us, but we succeeded in taking a few walks—the Belarusians are very friendly people. :)

I would like to express my gratitude to our company NIX Solutions for this trip, new knowledge, comfort, and pleasant impressions!