First time in Kharkiv: Sync.Net #1

10 December 2015

Our .NET developers have wide experience in application development and are constantly improving their skills. Willing to share useful knowledge, NIX experts became inspired to create a .NET community in Kharkiv. Its starting point was the Sync.NET #1 conference. This is where topical knowledge brought by our guys from the DEV Intersection conference in Las Vegas, and the experience of NIX .NET developers turned into captivating reports for the audience.

On Friday night, while the speakers Eugene Yankovoi and Eugene Polozhenkov were rehearsing their speeches, Kharkiv .NET developers already began to fill the conference hall of SC Metallist. The conference visitors enthusiastically discussed the upcoming event and were ready to receive a lot of interesting and topical information from our speakers.

Eugene Yankovoy opened Sync.NET #1 with the report “Web-vulnerabilities and data security.” He explained why it is important to understand the basics of web development despite the rapid modification of technologies. Eugene showed how to detect web vulnerabilities, the most frequent errors in web applications; and spoke about client-to-server interactions and the vulnerabilities of HTTP protocol. The conference participants learned a lot of new information about the usage of man-in-the-middle, and why one should not rely on public Wi-Fi access points. In addition to this, Eugene also discussed various methods to protect users’ data and information. The visitors absorbedly listened to Eugene, and after his speech made a break to have some tea/coffee/cocoa and discuss the report.

After coffee-break, the participants returned when Eugene Polozhenkov was already ready to make another captivating report: “Security & Identity 3 in ASP.NET 5.” He spoke about ASP.NET Middleware for recognizing authorization, changes in ASP.NET Membership system—Identity 3, and how to create own storage in it. He also explained issues with “IsInRole” and how the new Authorization API can help to resolve them. Eugene finished his report with authorization policy and “resource-based” authorization and then answered the questions from participants.

For a long time, the symbol of .NET department at NIX Solutions has been a raccoon. So it is no wonder that we awarded the speakers with these teddy animals. We are sure that this will become a wonderful tradition for future Sync.NET conferences.