ETC 2020? Check!

3 March 2020

The year has only just begun, and a representative from our QA team has already managed to visit the European Testing Conference in Amsterdam. In early February, Dmitry became one of 120 participants at the event and spent two days filled with lectures and workshops. We decided to ask Dmitry to share his impressions of the trip.

The European Testing Conference (ETC) is a two-day conference for QA engineers, which includes parallel lecture sessions, 4 keynotes, and workshops with practical exercises for participants. This year, among 120 participants from all over the globe it was possible to meet not only representatives of QA specialists but also DevOps experts. 

There was enough of everything: the technical component, and motivational lectures, and interesting practical cases, as well as many tools that can already be implemented in our work today. I can’t help but mention the speakers – these were interesting and unusual guys who really burned with passion for what they said, infected the audience with their positive energy and motivated them to develop in QA.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Dmitry, QA expert at NIX

We always support the professional development of our guys and encourage their trips to educational events. This helps us always keep up with the times and offer you the most relevant up-to-date solutions, which boost your business and bring you to the top of your industry’s leadership.