Defender’s Day at NIX Solutions

4 November 2015

Defender’s Day is a new state holiday in Ukraine. It is celebrated on October 14th of each year, starting from 2014.

The date of the holiday comes from the past. It is the day when brave Cossack warriors honored their patron, the Holy Madonna. Old traditions and the national lifestyle of the people of Ukraine inspired us to make this a thematic celebration.

Our brave Cossacks took up sabers and improved their skills. The most dexterous men tried to cut lemons thrown in the air with sabers.

After the saber-lemon warm-up, the Cossacks built the highest watchtower in the camp to keep an eye out for enemy troops and used the Angry catapult to defeat the enemy Sultan.

We brought a dynamometer and arm-wrestling table to find the strongest people.

NIX men learned how to make beautiful works of pottery “Glechik.”

The dining room turned into an eatery with national dishes being served and a live band singing traditional songs.

In the evening, when stars appeared in the sky, the party began and songs of musicians started to play in NIX’s building. “Dream West” band continued to uphold the spirit of the brave warriors among our members. In general, congratulations and celebrations were very colorful, entertaining, and fun — with national songs, costumes, presents, and a lot of positive emotions.