“Cirque du NIX”: The True Magic of New Year

12 January 2016

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages! Welcome you to the grand New Year show at our traveling Cirque du NIX! The clown on a gyro board will help you take off your coats, and monkeys on bikes will show you to your seats. Believe it, everything is possible at Cirque du NIX, and we will prove it!

While performers are preparing for the show, let us look at the marquees: get a photo with trained elephants and tigers, taste some cotton candy and caramelized popcorn. One can meet world-known mimes and sneak into the fortuneteller’s tent — she will tell you about the miracles waiting for you tonight!

What is the glimmering light over there? Where do these strange sounds come from? Oh, there are dancing lords of fire! They are calling a mad pianist in a high hat — the show begins!

Dear audience! Applauds to the ringmaster, leading magician, and the handler guru of Cirque du NIX! Take your glasses and enjoy the New Year’s congratulations from the top management of our legendary circus!

Our grand show starts with the performance of unique Cirque du NIX jugglers. Do not be shy to applaud, but watch out: if these magicians need more hats, they might take yours!

And now, in a few seconds will come the counselors of Cirque du NIX!

Maestro of fun together with the indestructible man of steel muscle and the gymnast welcome the audience! With all of their soul, they wish you a Happy New Year!

Ladies and Gentlemen! Get ready to be incredibly thrilled and surprised! Right now, in front of you, the Cirque du NIX wire dancer will perform an amazing trick! He will walk under the big top as easily as if he were shopping.

Dear guests of the most incredible circus in the world! Hurry up to get cotton candies and take the best places in front of the stage! Prepare to watch a stunning performance from the high-flying bicycle rider!

Attention everyone! In a moment, the ringmaster, the leading magician, and the handler guru of Cirque du NIX will announce the winners of the circus video contest. So, the third place goes to Senior, Middle, and Junior Sharpers! The second place goes to the authors of incredibly trained vegetables! And the winners are… the marvelous team who turned the beauty into a circus beast! We congratulate the winners and welcome them into our circle — they really deserve it!

Mesdames and Messieurs! This man can break a nail with a look! He bends rails with only his left pinkie! Welcome the unique performer from Cirque du NIX — modern-day Hercules with outstanding strength and a luxurious beard!

And so, our show is going on! Now on the arena: the lord of a dagger, master of stiletto, knife guru, and his fearless assistant!

What other surprises are waiting for us on this New Year’s night? Or maybe not surprises, but some magic? Welcome the mighty, mysterious, and enigmatic — the juggler, magician, and wizard of Cirque du NIX!

Sirs and Mesdames! Please, welcome the brave lord of geometric figures! This man possesses a unique charisma!

Entertaining, mysterious, and “highly explosive” last act of our performance! Ladies and gentlemen, mesdames and messieurs! Get ready: right now we will rock our arena!

The clock strikes midnight, and our performance ends — but the fun is going on! The band plays! Let us get together at Cirque du NIX circle and spend the night in the best possible way!

Our life is the best show in the world. Let every day be like an unforgettable performance. Manage every trick successfully in the 2016 year!