Children’s Day at NIX Solutions

12 July 2016

On the first day of summer, we celebrated Children’s Day at the NIX Solutions office. We gave a miracle to our kids—a journey to Neverland with their favorite superheroes.

Preparations began early in the morning before the children arrived. A bright photo zone, and candy bars with fresh sweets such as delicate cupcakes, air marshmallows, crunchy popcorn, cotton candies, chocolate chip cookies, grew up from beneath the earth.

A lot of kids had already visited our office before, and grasping the hand of mom or dad, they confidently went to the leisure room, where the holiday began.

All kids were to transform into their favorite cartoon characters—makeup artists helped and were at their service. :)

Then young guests learned the beauty of simple things at the sand drawing workshop. :)

Cutie-plush rabbits and chinchillas posed for the cameras, and restless monkeys every now and then would try to “fix” the hairstyle of everyone who approached to stroke them.

After the photoshoot with fluffy animals, younger children went for adventures with Peter Pan, Wendy, and Tinkerbell fairy. Together with fantastic heroes, they searched for the treasure with presents hidden by Captain Hook.

Meanwhile, older children saved the Earth from space invaders from a neighboring galaxy. With the bond of friendship, guys overcame evil aliens and saved our planet. :)

Adventures of our kids ended on a cheerful disco with Transformers, Peter Pan, and his team. :)

After the dance, and journey through Neverland, there was lunchtime with snacks. Then little boys and girls went home with their parents. Sure enough, we will remember the time spent at NIX Solutions, and now we look forward to a new meeting at the next Kid’s Christmas party!