Architecture of Radio opens the invisible world

1 September 2015

Recently launched application “Architecture of Radio”, that creates a three-dimensional visualization of the radio waves. Application uses Three.js and Ionic Framework, embodies a GPS, OpenCellID and satellite NASA. Application predicts and shows what satellites fly over the user.
Our world is filled with radio waves. They continually come from cell towers, Wi-Fi routers, satellites. And although you cannot see the waves, they work for us in many ways: ships don’t get lost at sea, you can Skype with friends while enjoying a hot, tasty sandwich prepared in the microwave oven.


Information designer Richard Vijgen created an iOS application called the Architecture of Radio. It collects all of the waves in one picture, which the human eye can perceive.

The application uses Three.js and Ionic Framework and utilizes a GPS, OpenCellID and satellite NASA. With their help, the app determines the user’s location, the nearest cell tower, and then displays on the iPad screen the image of radio waves in the area. Using OpenCellID, the application predicts when and which satellites fly over the user.

This three-dimensional radio visualization made by Architecture of Radio opens for us the invisible world of the so-called “infosphere” in which we all live.

We used to only imagine the radio and infrared waves. Now, all we need is to access available public information channels in order to display them. As the technology develops and becomes clearer, visualization can help us understand more of the things around us. After all, they play a huge role in our lives.

Richard Vijgen

At the moment, the application can only be used in Germany.