• QA Team

    Quality Assurance department is the team that is intended to make every your project working perfectly in any environment. We make sure that any your idea is implemented flawlessly and precisely according to the specifications.

    Our work is embedded in every project presented in portfolio as all the developed systems have been verified thoroughly by the members of our team.

    We use various approaches, create and maintenance methodologies that are the best practices in software development.

    Tools and Approaches

    • Automated testing
    • Functional testing
    • Stress testing
    • Usability testing
    • Compatibility testing
    • User interface testing
    • TDD
    • Unit testing
    • Bug-tracking systems
    • Test collaboration tools

    As a rule we are getting involved in the project at the early stage to get a preview where potential design and technical flaws may occur. All the members of our team are familiar with the different technologies and trained to write proper bug descriptions for the developers to find and fix them easily. We know how to work as one united team despite of the distance between its members.

    Remember that quality assurance department is the team that you can hire to verify any system developed for you by the third parties and it is available for staff leasing