• .Net Team

    The .NET Department is an enthusiastic group of  highly skilled professionals. Ongoing enhancement, knowledge exchange and efficient field usage are the core of our team’s success.  The proof is the range of successfully completed projects.

    Everyone in team feels support and reliable shoulder nearby. Open dialogue and active life position give us energy and forces to constant growth and improvement. In warm and friendly atmosphere simple decisions for the tasks seeming difficult appear. And for our achievements not to get lost through time we document them. Also we put on paper things we have studied and examined. We use almost all Microsoft Company technologies in development and we’re trying to keep our knowledge up-to-date and to minimize applications bugs using unit testing in every our project.

    We are the team that likes not just good job but good rest as well. Paintball and carting are the best games for real developers. Also we like to go to the country where we can relax and get an energy charge for even more efficient and high-quality work.