• Remote Administration and System Integration

    Nowadays many companies are getting more and more distributed and flexible in order to expand their business interests and ideas, explore new marketplaces and capture new clients. Current computer networks both local and global are getting more complicated and difficult to keep up-to-date, protected and reliable. In such a situation expenses for IT structure enhancement may increase greatly while you won’t be quite satisfied with its quality, speed and number of available features.

    NIX Solutions offers you remote administration services that will allow you to maintain computer network at the required level  at a reasonable price. We propose a range of services in remote administration and system integration:

    • Remote access (VPN): Virtual Private Networks (VPN) is widespread at the moment as they provide connection with all of its users at the high speed providing a number of additional service
    • E-mail, Web-, Data-servers: we assure the proper and stable work of your web and data servers
    • Anti-virus and anti-spam systems: protect your business with the latest and most reliable anti-virus and anti-spam systems that will stop all undesirable files with custom-configured filters
    • Web-hosting automation: we are headed to develop  software that would make  managing your web projects easy. We are experienced in creating friendly interfaces with rich functionality
    • Security audit and consulting for networks, servers and services: if you have any doubts in your system’s security we will resolve them and find the best way out
    • Technical support 24х7: our specialists  are at your service 24х7, ready to answer your questions and  give a detailed step-by-step instructions

    Here in NIX Solutions we know how to perform good network services as we have been successfully working with clients from all over the world and has established our own reliable system for large number of users working in the company.