• Privacy Policy

    NDA and Information in The Public Domain

    We value every piece of information we work with and fully aware of the fact that its confidentiality is often critical for our clients. Disclosure of any data concerning our cooperation with any client including the fact of cooperation itself is forbidden by default. It is true even before the NDA is signed. The disclosure is possible only with a clear permission of all interested parties involved in cooperation.

    At the same time we are aware of limiting consequences of such a policy. Sometimes it prevents the promotion of our services, especially in respect of experience confirmation. The prosperity of our clients in the long term is far more important for us than a momentary benefit from the display of our capabilities.

    If you send us a request to find out how our clients estimate our experience of project implementation, we will ask for a permission to disclose specific information and if it’s approved, you will get the data requested. Also, if the client doesn’t mind against publication, we place the links to the results of our cooperation in the Portfolio on our official website. There we also provide some information about projects if it’s approved by the clients.

    Profiles in Social Networks

    Our company has a special approach concerning the usage of social networks such as LinkedIn, Facebook, VKontakte, etc. by our employees. According to the strict corporate rules it’s forbidden for the employees to have professionally-oriented profiles in social networks as it brings a potential danger of confidentiality violation. We consider any new contact of a client, contractor or even another employee, carelessly added to a profile to be dangerous as he or she can share confidential data with the open community against the profile owner’s will.

    Acceptability of data published by a certain person is severely controlled, so you can see in the public domain only information approved by the Security Department of our company.

    Cooperation with us ensures the safety of our clients’ secret information.