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    CMS team offer high-quality services for creation and maintenance of different web-applications following the policy of NIX Solutions LTD.

    Our affordable prices, fast turnaroud, strong communication skills and attention to details will be a pleasant bonus for you when you ask for one of the services offered below.

    Ecommerce websites

    You have an excellent idea of an Internet shop, but don’t know how to put it into life? Our experts have large experience in development and support/improving of projects based on WordPress and Magento and will try to choose the solution that will suit your purposes best.

    Corporate website

    If you’re a leader of a successful company, but your company is not popular in the Internet yet, you have come to the right place. We can create corporate website from scratch or breathe new life into your current site.

    Brand, personal website, blog

    If you want to promote your brand or even yourself, we can create small project that will satisfy your needs.

    Website design

    You know all technical details of your website, but don’t know how to represent it graphically? Our designers can create stylish design attractive for users that will show your web-application to the best advantage.

    HTML Markup (PSD to HTML)

    If you already have design for your website we can convert PSD files to HTML for you. You’ll get clean, W3C validated, cross-browser code that will be optimized and pixel-perfect as well.

    Plugins Development

    Describe us the idea of a plugin that can be used for many sites and we’ll bring that idea to life.

    Website Performance Optimization (Speed-Up)

    You noticed that your site runs slowly? It can cause difficulties with user-system interaction and needs developers’ attention. Experts from our team can do a thorough refactoring and prepare solutions for performance optimization.

    Website Support

    We support all our projects and provide the latest updates and new features for clients at request. We are always attentive to details and your business.

    Many clients from different countries trust us their projects and we’re proud to have such products in our portfolio.

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