• Java Team

    Java department is a team of 30 developers who have great passion for studying and using new technologies in creating multifunctional systems. We have completed a number of successful projects implementing different approaches, programming languages and libraries.

    Here is the list of the tools and technologies we used in our projects that you may study in portfolio of Java projects. There we’ve presented just the part of the works. They are mostly devoted to the systems with rich user interface and web-search, sharing web-sites, web-portals and video chats.

    Technologies and Tools

    • OS: UNIX, Windows, Linux
    • Platform: Java SE, Flash MX
    • Languages: Java, ActionScript, AJAX
    • Web-browsers: Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher, Macromedia Flashplayer v.7 or higher
    • Web-server: Apache 2.x, Apache Tomcat / Nginx
    • RTMP Server: Wowza Media Server
    • Libraries: Jakarta Min, on2 flix, JBoss Seam framework
    • DBMS: PostgreSQL, H2
    • Presentation framework: Struts

    We are welcoming gifted programmers who are interested in developing complicated and multifunctional systems with user-friendly interfaces to join our strong team.