NIX team has developed an entertaining brain game– uSquareHead. The objective of thе game is to capture as many cells as you can and cover the entire surface with one color! You can choose to play with the computer, with 2 or 3 random players or with 1, 2 or 3 of your friends via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. Every player starts from one of the corners of the play area.

If you choose a computer as an opponent, set the level to easy, normal or hard.

While playing, you can see the scores on the colored squares. You can’t capture any of the colors that were already chosen by your opponent.

Choose the largest amount of same-colored cells and add them to your results.

There are so many interesting bonuses:

iOS – This bonus adds a new start point.
iOS – This one lets you have an additional turn.
iOS – The Big Bang will blow out all your one-colored cells, so you will have to start over again.
iOS – This one will capture all free neighbor cells.
iOS – This bonus will make you leave all boundary cells.

uSquareHead has 3 levels of difficulty. The play area grows with every level, adding more cells for you to capture.

If you are tired of classical games and look for something new and entertaining, this app will add colors to your routine.

You can play uSquareHead anytime anywhere. It is the best thing to do while traveling, on your way home or going to work and while on breaks.

Download uSquareHead for free on iTunes.

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