iPhone App or eReader?

What do you like more: an app for reading on the most progressive mobile phone or an eBook?

There is no simple answer for this question. The popularity of iDevices continue to increase, so there is no way any IT company will ignore such a fact.

Many of us cannot leave their iPhones and iPads, which can fully substitute eBooks as long as you have a decent app for reading. Everyone wants to read their favorite books with as much comfort as possible.

The history of creating a reader for Apple devices is not out of the norm for NIX Solutions developers: we’ve been looking for a decent reader for awhile and ended up developing a totally new and convenient one.

Download uBooks iPhone

Aplication for Reading eBooks

There’s been so much work done but we are quite satisfied with the result: the uBooks app for reading on iPhone.

Every new version brought some new features and left irrelevant ones in the past. uBooks now supports iOS6. New version 2.4.4 allows one to read in many different formats:

  • .epub
  • .fb2
  • .html
  • .txt
  • .fb2 в zip-архивах
  • .doc
  • .xls
  • .pdf
  • .rtf
  • iWork

With the reading screen settings, you can:

  • Choose between day and night modes
  • Change fonts (type, color, size)
  • Choose a background color and change it whenever
  • Track reading progress right on the reading screen
  • Adjust the line spacing so your eyes don’t hurt

For your reading comfort:

  • Curl animation that makes you feel like you are reading a real book
  • Adjustable tap zones —choose a comfortable spot so page turning is only a 1-second tap
  • Adjust margins
  • Hyphenation added – uneven lines won’t bother you anymore
  • Built-in translator to save time — just press and hold down the word or phrase to find the translation
  • There is a Bookshelf with many categories so you can store Books and Documents separately and without any problems

Download Books Using:

  • Wi-Fi (http and ftp servers)
  • Built-in browser
  • iTunes (for devices starting from iOS4)

You can use uBooks both for iPhone and iPad. Reading is not different from paper books in any way. It just got more comfortable as you need only one tap to add a bookmark.

Version 2.4.4 of uBooks works faster. The readerquickly switches from vertical mode to horizontal and vice versa.

How to Download Books for uBooks

Check WiFi!
To download books via Wi-Fi, you can use either a web browser or FTP client.

If you use a web browser (HTTP-protocol), enter <IP iPhone> of your device in the URL bar of the browser. There will be a list of the books you already have and an opportunity to download new ones.

If you use FTP, you need to have an FTP client downloaded (if you have Windows on your PC, use the built-in “Explorer”). There enter the address: <IP iPhone>, port: for FTP it is 20000, for HTTP – 5000 (look in the device). Then connect to the server.

Using built-in Internet browser
You can download books from any site. Enter the site’s address, find the book you want and tap. The browser will automatically suggest downloading it to the Bookshelf (if the book format is supported by the app).

Using iTunes
You can download books via iTunes if you have device on iOS4 or newer.

Open iTunes and click “Applications”. You will see applications at the bottom – choose uBooks. You’ll see a window on the right; drag your books there with a mouse.

The books will automatically appear on the Bookshelf.

uBooks Versions

There are 2 versions available now:

  • English
  • Russian

At the same time the app supports many foreign languages for docs and books.

Paid version – uBooks XL has no ads, so you will be able to enjoy reading.

Download uBooks from iTunes and give it a try for free.

We welcome any suggestion regarding functionality, content and future updates. Please send to [email protected] and we will review them promptly.

Follow our iPhone development team on @NixS_idev to get the latest app updates.

  • Dear Sirs,

    First of all I want to thank you for one of the best book-readers for iphone. Now my concern: I’ve updated to the latest version of ubooks yesterday and:

    1. Lost all my books and progress
    2. Application crashes constantly on 3.1.2

    Have iphone 3gs

    • Good afternoon Bob,
      Glad you like our application but we are concerned with this problem as well as you do. All the applications developed by NIX Solutions are always tested thoroughly by the Quality Assurance team and the lost of all your progress shouldn’t have happened. We’re very sorry it did took place.
      We’ll continue testing the latest update to find the reason for this issue and to assure the stable work of the application on any device.

    • Latest update has destroyed my library. The ePub books that I had opened now mostly have the question mark icon that is for books that have never been opened. I can only reach the first page of any book. (Sometimes it is more graphically sophisticated than what was previously available.) The chapter listing sometimes truncates the list of chapters, but of course that is moot since there is only one page to any document.

      • Have got the same problem as Jane. So I deleted the app, meaning to download it again and start over. But now uBooks has disappeared from my app store and purchase history! When I search for uBooks, only the paid version shows up… Not sure what’s gone wrong, but hope someone can help!!

  • Love the program, I am also having problems with crashing after only a few seconds. Also is it possible to use calibre or something like it with ubooks

    • Well I deleted the program and readded it from my computer. I can now use it again. Sometimes though after I put the phone in standby and try to return to reading everything shows up blank. I usually use the black background and white type. All I have to do is switch to day mode then back to night mode and its back to normal.

      • Hi, Ken
        Thanks for your suggestion about the caliber. Just wanted to ask what kind of caliber you would like to see. Something like “Zoom ++,Zoom –” I believe?
        Glad you found the easy way out with the application’s crashing. We’ll search for the source of the blank display after standby mode to fix it.
        Best regards.

  • I have downloaded a russian book file in fb2 format. Ubooks recognized it and put it in the folder called “All books”. However, when I try to open it, it gives me an “Invalid file” error. What should I do and how I can fix it? Thanks

    • Hello, John
      Once we’ve met such a problem. The downloaded .fb2 file was corrupted and an error occurred while the app processed porpely all the other files and books. Will you please send us this file to [email protected] to check it?
      Also you may try to download another book to ensure whether there is a trouble with the application or with the file.

  • I am having problems with the free application crashing. I reinstalled it and at first this seemed to help. However, I am still finding problems using it. I have downloaded epub files {some with images} from Project Gutenberg. The downloads are successful but sooner or later when I attempt to read them uBook crashes. There seems to be no predictability. sometimes it will crash immediately before a file is opened. Other times I may be able to read the file but the crash will come part way through the process or when I change to a different file.

    It’s a pity because this app clearly has enormous flexibility and usefulness.


  • Hello, Richard!
    We might be able to help you with the problem, but we need to know what device and the firmware version you are using. Also it may be helpfull if you send us the downloaded files as they might be the source of the problem with the application.

    Thank you,
    your iPhone Development Team.

  • Hi!
    I just downloaded and installed your free ubooks. So far so good. I just kinda stumbled on to it.
    Has all the functionality I was looking for.
    My story is that I paid for the bookz app since I had used that on my iPhone. I did not notice that it was not designed for the iPad and it therefore does not look very good.
    The deal is that I will use it over iBooks (bookz is out for other reasons as well) and if it continues to perform I WILL purchase it, because it does look good
    It really looks nice so far and has some great features.
    Wayne Doe

  • Hello,
    Is there a way to add cover art to a txt book?


  • Hi,
    For now you can’t add cover art to the book in txt file. We haven’t implemented this feature yet as the format isn’t the most popular for iPhone ebooks.
    But we’ll think about your suggestion as it’s much easier to search for the book on the shelf with the icons not just the titles.

  • Please!!!
    Replace screen during going to and back footnotes. It is very bright!

    • Hi Mike,

      We are a bit surprised with the problem you describe.

      It’s the first complain about the brightness. If you are using iPad you may tune the reading mode as you like. Use the iPad icon in reading mode icon and set up the properties that are most convenient for you.

  • Thanks
    But you are wrong :)

    I set brightness to very-very low on IPAD2
    I read ok – all is dark as my family want at night :)
    I set black for background and green for font.

    But – when I press to footnotes hiperlink reader goes to this footnotes and show me you screen with light bacground and books and front of the page. It is too bright for deep night.
    Got it?

    You can check it on this fb2: http://knigosite.org/library/books/32671
    Sorry – it is in russian, but there are lot of fotnotes.

    I also find another bug:

    I set brighnest to very low. And in case of setting page listing with effect I see brighnest to HIGH during listing effect and then return to low (default)

    • Oh, now we see your point.

      Currently the brightness, day and night mode are supported for the reading screen only. When you exit reading (or leave for a while) the mode isn’t supported. We’ll change it in one of the next versions.

  • I found problem in fb2 viewing.

    In russian FB2. Find it here:

    Kramer – Wumer, first civilization on the Earth

    pdf here:

    Starting page marked 61 in PDF you can see (in Russian) text in Italic. This is Wumerian translated poem.

    So – In Android cool reader in FB2 from here: fb2-epub.ru/Nauka/istoria/Shumiery-Piervaia_tsivilizatsiia_na_Zie-Samiuel-Kr.rar
    I can see these text. In you reader NOT!
    It is just skipped! You can find these place at 17.4%
    starting word in Russian:
    “Начиная с одиннадцатой строки, он звучит так:”
    And I didnt see next poem:

    “Второй раз Туммаль был разрушен,
    Гильгамеш построил Нумунбурру дома Энлиля,
    Ур-лугаль, сын Гильгамеша,
    Сделал Туммаль выдающимся.”

    In your reader. But this poem exist in cool reader (android)

    Pretty sure – this is bug. In case you need screen picture Ipad2 with your reader and Android I can help

    • Yes, poems are not supported properly in the current version – they are transformed into plain text without keeping the original lines.
      But verse will look good in the new version of the app.

      We are waiting for your comments when it is released :). You interest in our reading app is much appreciated.

  • What is the difference between UBooks and UBooks XL? also appStore has wrong spelling -fatures

    • Hi Michael,

      Now the main difference is the advertisements in the apps. You can see them in the free version of uBooks on the bookshelf, in the settings, etc. If you don’t want to get disturbed by the ads then use uBooks XL.

      However in the next update there can be features supported only by uBooks XL and not available in uBooks.

  • I’ve imported a couple of epubs and the line spaces between paragraphs are not there. Any way to get these back?

    Also, do you have a list of upcoming XL features and a timeframe?

    • Hi,

      You can send file to us so we can check it. The problem can be connected with HTML tags used in epub that are not supported properly.

      As for upcoming features the most exiting thing is the New Graphical Design! It’s smarter and more appealing. And of course we will present new features and new formats supported by our reading app. Coming soon.

  • Hi, until yesterday I was using Stanza, unfortunately, after the upgrade to iOS 5 Stanza is no longer an option. Next best thing seems to be uBooks. You guys have still long way to go until you reach same level of features as in Stanza but you are on the good road here. I have noticed several problems though. First, even though the margins are set to 0px there still seems to be a margin of few pixels left on all sides. This is wasting some valuable screen real estate, especially for such a small screen as iphone’s. Second is ability to switch the style formatting on and off for epubs. uBooks lack such functionality and for badly formatted e-books having styles turned on gives ugly results. Last thing (for now) is Calibre (http://calibre-ebook.com) integration. I should be able to browse the collection of e-books on Calibre and download directly, without manually spawning off Safari etc. Exactly as Stanza does this. Without these things fixed I’d not consider buying this app (yet) :-(


  • Hello,

    Thanks for sincere interest in our reading app and such a good a list of suggestions. We have already studied some of them and will add to the app in the next versions. But not all of them at once.

  • Hi!
    So I recently started exploring other ebook apps after the unfortunate demise of stanza after iOS5 update. After downloading and deleting other apps, I’ve narrowed it down to ubooks and another one, I’d be willing to pay for the XL version if it offered features that I have grown to love from Stanza. I read so much that I can’t live without a good ebook app.

    Features I’d like to see in future updates:
    *Ability to search by having a search bar.
    *Calibre support- after much time spent on calibre, editing titles and covers, when I add to ubooks, I don’t see any of the changes I’ve made
    *Reading progress- A Way to show if I’ve read the book or not, or how far along I am in the book. I have over 100 books on the app, and I don’t remember which ones I’ve read or not, there’s also times that I switch back and forth btwn books.
    *Covers- Not one book in my library has a cover in the library screen, I don’t want to open a book to read the cover, very tiring.
    *Better scrolling in the library- After a closing of the book it takes me to the top, very annoying when I’m already down to the middle of my library list.
    *Library Categories- I read a lot of series, so if the were a way to categorize the books by series that would be great.

    :) HeyMe

    • Hi,

      Let us tell you more about uBooks app.

      1) Ability to search by having a search bar – This is exactly the way the search feature works on the bookshelf. Did you mean some specific search?
      2) Calibre support – currently we are discussing this issue. We have many requests concerning this feature.
      3) Reading progress will appear in the one next updates.
      4) Covers – It concerns the background. We are working on this issue.
      5) Better scrolling in the library – there will be Return to the last folder in the next version of the app. If needed, the scroll can be added in future.
      6) Library Categories – please clarify this question. User can create folders and copy books there like on NON-categorized shelf (in any amount and with any name), create a separate bookshelf for the series of books etc.
      We have categories by the author and by genre in the app.

  • Hello,

    Thanks for a great free app. It is the best substitution for Stanza which I have found so far.

    What I would very much like to see in the next release:

    1.- Possibility for categorising series in the app (like in Calibre). I can’t see how to do this in the app right now, so I hope that I can create series in the next release.

    2.- Change the “Names” category to “Titles”

    3.- Have visible book covers on the long scroll list

    4.- Most important – have Calibre integration :)

    Thanks so much for all your great work!

  • Hi,

    I have installed the app. on my iPad under iOS 5. Everything went swimmingly until I have tried to open a .html document, when the app. died and continues to do so every time I try to open it again (probably attempting to open the same document).

    Another minor gripe: the names of the authors become visible only after a book is opened and closed again.

    Anyway, if the problem with the .html is resolved, I would be glad to purchase the full version, so far it is the only reader that gets close to my “personal specs”.


    • Hi,
      It will be possible to view HTML files Quick Look (along with the Word documents) in the new version of the app.

  • Hi, thanks for reply and taking our suggestions into consideration. What I’d suggest is to try to copy as much as possible from Stanza. It’s a general consensus that Stanza is (or rather had been) THE e-book reading app on the market. With it being discontinued it’s an opportunity for uBooks to grab the majority share of the market. Pretty much all of the Stanza’s features are vary sought after in the successor. Please, implement whatever you can in uBooks to match Stanza and I can guarantee you’d be the winner. The user interface, library management, Calibre integration etc. etc. You cannot go wrong with this!

  • Honestly – in my opinion, you, and the other ebook reader developers, have your work cut out for you: copy Stanza. That’s it. 1st one there wins. You don’t even need to innovate too much right now. Give us Stanza back, do whatever you need to do to accomplish this.

  • When I start the translation function (English- German) the app will automatically turn off. (App-Crash)

  • Fine, tks for this. I’m waiting of the new version.

  • I love this product but I’m also having multiple crashes and that has kept me from buying the paid version. I am using this on an iPhone 4s iOS 5.0.1. I used to use stanza but since iOS 5 I had to find a new reading app. My favorite features are the nighttime reading and how it scrolls. Just fix the crashes and I’ll be 150% happy.

    • Thank you for choosing and using our uBooks app. We appreciate your feedback.
      Could you please describe reproduction steps in detail, when multiple crashes occurred? And we will try to fix it.

  • I had rare crashes with the free version, but moving to the paid version, the crashes seem to be rather annoying. iPhone 4S 16GB IOS 5.01. Crashes happen when loading a new file. Love the features, and since I read rather long files, the crashes are an irritation, rather than a terrible nuisance. I am sure an update will come along to fix this soon. Best book reader for iPhone I have seen.
    One suggestion for enhancement. When searching the books, allow a couple of seconds between character entry before searching because if there are a lot of files, it is rather slow searching one character at a time, even on the 4S.

    • Hello Ronald,
      Thank you for notifying us this problem.
      What is the format of the file you’re trying to loading? And how did you download this file?
      Will you please send us this file to [email protected] to check it?

  • Hi

    Thank you for the app.

    For your information I have no problem using it with Calibre as long as I tell Calibre not to use a user name and password (ie uBooks fails to authenticate – but works fine if not asked to).

    Though this should only be done on a local Calibre, not one on the internet!

  • What a disaster! I just uploaded update for books and it is now unusable! None of my books (.fb2) can be viewed, settings are all gone and I cannot set proper font size. Rotation doesn’t work, night mode settings inaccessible, trying to set them – crash…

    Huge disappointment. How can I revert everything back to previous version? Please help!!! It was my favorite reader for more than a year!


  • I just updated the ‘lite’ version from the Apple App Store. Everything looks fine, except that when I load a book, and go to the reading screen, it is blank. Plane white, and shows the same blank white screen even on ‘night’ display mode.
    To say I am not impressed would be an understatement.

    Selecting the ‘encoding’ screen, I can see the test in the preview window, but returning to the reading screen, still blank.

  • I should have mentioned. iPhone 4S with IOS 5.1, and displaying a .txt file.

  • To follow up. Reinstalled the new lite version, and resent the files from my computer, and they display fine now. Not sure what the problem was. Thanks.

  • Hi

    I’ve just upgraded to whichever version the app store is pushing out as of 11th March 2012 and it seems to be broken. I can’t get out of a book. Tapping the screen fails to bring up a menu. Page advance works on the demo instruction book, but not the book I was in the middle of reading. Uninstall/reinstall doesn’t seem to help. This happens on both my ipod touch. Old one running 3.2.4 (I think – it’s not with me) and newer on with jailbroken 4.1.

    Any ideas?

  • Dear users, unfortunately, the last update of uBooks app has resulted in a few problems for some devices. The most famous of them are the disappearance of the text (white text on a white background), which is perceived as “the book does not open.” This problem is can be solved in most cases by a simple change of settings.
    We present our apologies and would like to announce that at the moment we are working on the solution, so soon the update will be released.
    Tips on troubleshooting can be found here http://www.nixsolutions.com/blog/development/iphone/ubooks-free-update-issues/

  • I would like to be able to get the app.. The App Store keeps giving me a “your request could not be completed” when I try to get uBooks. Do you know of this happening? Is it gonna be fixed soon? Sigh. Back to iBooks for now

    • It was decided to temporarily shut down access to the last version.
      The new version will be available again after the update.

      NOTE: Don’t delete uBooks app, otherwise you lose your library.
      We will release the update which will resume the work of the app.

  • Greetings.

    Since the last update I haven’t suffered from the disappearing text problem, but I have found that the program shuts itself down without warning after using it for just 5-10 minutes.

    Also, I recently added about 150 books, and found that each one is only listed under “all books”. I need to manually open esach book, then close it again to find that its “title” and “author” details are updated. This is extremely slow, especially with it turning off all the time.

    After experiencing problems I initially deleted the program, then reinstalled it & rebooted my iphone. Nothing has helped.

    Can you please advise if there’s something more I can do, or if there’s a new update on the way? Ubooks is the best book reader out there.


    • Hello Jason,
      Thank you for your feedback.
      A new version of uBooks has been sent to Apple for review and will be available soon.
      Bug of “program shuts down” is corrected.
      As for “title” and “author”: we plan to add the conversion of books on a bookshelf in next versions.

  • Thanks for the most recent update, but when will the paid version be available? I am currently using the latest free version, but since I paid to have an ad free version, I really would like to see it soon.
    Thanks for making the best book reader I have seen so far. Frankly, it beats the Kindle for iPhone all over the place.

    • Hello Ronald,
      We’re still working on finishing up some features in the paid version. We’ll release it as soon as we finish its complete testing.
      Thank you.

      • I hate to nag, but I am still having to use the free version on IOS 5.1. Any idea when the pay version will be available again?

        • Hello Ronald,
          In most cases we will not publish any release dates for the updates before they are ready and available. This is to make sure we can finalize the updates without external time pressure and because we do not want to give dates that we cannot always guarantee we will hit. I can say the paid version update can appear not earlier than two months.

          • Thanks for the information. I will wait patiently, more or less. Have you had any reports of losing data when sending books via wi-fi from a computer through the web browser interface. I have two documented cases of files not transferring completely (gaps), in the last month. Resending the files corrected the problem. Is there no error-checking in the wi-fi send function?

            • Unfortunately we cannot check it via uBooks.
              It is a web service, and we didn’t write it.

  • Hello,can you tell me how I can change the translation? There is only russian and I would like French. Thanks. Regards.

  • Hello Stephanie,
    Go to “Settings”, then tap “Language” at the bottom of the page. Now you can choose translation direction.
    If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us again.

  • Had trouble with ubooks free version. Couldn’t load a file from iTunes. Kept getting ‘unsupported encoding’. Deleted ubooks free, and reinstalled from Apple AppStore. Now it works. Beats me..
    Also, decided to test the ubooks XL, and it seems more stable on 5.1.1. sStrange.

  • Another problem with the latest version of the free Ubooks. Seems that setting the orientation lock does nothing at all. Any suggestions?

    • Thank you. We have already fix this problem.
      We’ll release new version as soon as we finish its complete testing. We hope it will be completed in the next few weeks.

  • Hi.
    First of all thank you so much for creating this great app. I’ve been searching for a long time for a reader that has autoscroll.
    One thing: when reading on autoscroll, I keep getting an error message ‘attention. Idle message. Stop. Continue’ is there any way to disable this message? It’s very annoying and interrupts my reading.

    • Hello.
      Thank you for your feedback.
      Please, indicate how often this message appears?
      This message must contain the following text “Are you still reading? Stop or Continue” and appear in 30 minutes if the screen hasn’t been touched.
      This is done to protect the iphone from the battery discharge, if the user forgot to lock the iphone, or had fallen asleep while reading.

  • Hi again. Yes the idle message appears about every 15 or 20 minutes when I’m reading on autoscroll, so im not touching the screen.
    I understand why it’s necessary for the battery but since I’m reading on autoscroll, it’s quite disruptive.
    Is there any way to disable this message?

    • While it is not possible to disable this message. Maybe we’ll add it in next versions.

  • I recently put Lord of the Rings on my ubooks and it misspells a lot of words. Like for example it spells Dáin II to Dbin II, it misspells words with these special characters and normals words like fast into fasl. Why does this happen and can I fix it?

  • Also it randomly indents paragraphs in the middle of sentences.

    • Hello Josh,
      Thank you for letting us know.
      We will try to understand what is wrong.
      It may be helpful if you send us your book ([email protected]) as it might be the source of the problem with the application.
      Also we need to know what device and the firmware version you are using. And what version of the app you are using? Free or Paid?

  • Thanks for the recent update of uBooks XL. Seems to be working well on IOS 5.1.1. Now to see how it takes IOS 6.

  • Excellent application, this is almost the best e-reader I’ve seen, I love all its features, but it still needs some tweaks, there is a list of problems I had.
    1. – The app doesn’t recognize my eBook covers, it takes the first image of the book instead the cover located into the epub file metadata, and all the other e-readers (ibooks, stanza, i2reader) recognize my covers correctly. Maybe it is a visual function but in my case help me to find my books faster.
    2. – The app doesn’t recognize the TOC, the other e-reader can.
    The system of genres is good but I think it can be improved, it’s so boring write the genre on every book of an large collection, maybe a tag system like isilo or A-Note(not a book reader but I love its tag system), make the life of readers easier, or maybe a group system like the i2reader app.
    I don’t like your system to get metadata, it’s necessary open the book to get the metadata (author, cover etc…) all other e-readers do this before open book.

    I hope these suggestions are helpful.

    Sorry for my bad gram, I English student.

    • Hello,
      Thank you! We will consider your suggestions.
      We always welcome any feedback from our users because it is very important in helping us to improve our products!

  • Hi, it was good reader before the update. Now it drops right after start…
    iPhone4 iOS 5.1.1
    Will that be fixed?
    Thank you

    • Hello Sergei,
      We are already working on this problem. Hopefully the developers will sort it out as soon as possible.
      For now we can recommend you delete the last reading book through iTunes to solve this problem.
      Sorry for the inconvenience.

  • Hello,
    agree with Final20: “Excellent application, almost the best e-reader I’ve seen”. Thank you!
    One min point: if Im reading from pdf and close pages, for example: an hour later start the same pdf but the app begins on page no. 1 (again). I may have faulty settings, don’t know. Or is that right that the app doesn’t remember last read pdf page?

    • Hello Lara,
      Thank you for your feedback!
      Yes it is right! For .pdf the functions of selection, highlighting, and bookmarking are not available (and also for iWork, Microsoft Office, .rtf, .html).

  • I just purchased uBooks XL for the iphone and it is a great application. Do you plan to support gestures to control scrolling? The gestures needed would be speed up, slow down, start and stop. This would be much easier the having to always go into the menu to update the scrolling.

  • Hello,please I need help about my iPad I can not download anything on the Internet there is an Apple ID that asks me the password for that name : [email protected]. I dont know the password what can I do?

    • Hello Lucien,
      Unfortunately, we can’t help you with that.
      If this is not your mail you should to contact iTunes Store support.

  • I just got an iPhone 5. The larger screen is great, but uBooks XL doesn’t support it. Please tell me an update for this is in the works.

    • Hello Ronald,
      We are working on it but release date is not yet known.
      Thank you for your attention to our app.

  • Hello developers)
    I have critical bug in lite version:
    In splash screen, when I locked view in landscape mode,
    Buttons with continue and buy disappeared, and I can’t start application, only black screen showed

    • Hello!
      We need to know what device and the firmware version you are using.
      And what version of uBooks do you have?

  • Thanks a lot for the update! Now I can use the whole iPhone 5 screen. It really makes a lot of difference in how often I have to scroll/page when reading. I love it! Even better, it hasn’t crashed once, yet.

  • Where are the files (e-books) ? Is it a joke ?
    I heard yesterday morning on a french radio your Genaral Manager saying that you signed many agreements with famous books editors … but where are the e-books ????
    I open the Unix http screen on my computer while upload books page is open on my I pad … but I can only move a file from my PC to my I Pad … great application !
    How can I download or simply access on line to tne books ?
    Is your application simply one more reader ?

    • Hello!
      Perhaps it is a mistake. I think you have us mixed up with someone else. Our General Manager did not appear on the radio.
      We have developed iPhone/iPad e-book reader – uBooks.

  • Any plans to have uBooks for Android users?

  • I really appreciate your continued development and support. However, some of the changes to the current version seem less convenient than previous versions, and removing options seems to be the wrong direction to go. Perhaps as I become used to the new way of doing things, I will like them better. I particularly didn’t like the separation of the settings between the iOS settings menu, and the app settings menu. I do find the placement of the search icon in the bottom icon bar to be more usable. I haven’t gotten around to exploring the bookmarks as yet. Thanks for your continued support and development.

  • I had accidentally uploaded .mobi files via the url upload. How do I delete them as they don’t show up in the library?

    • Hello Lu,

      Connect your device to your computer and open iTunes. Go to the tab Apps, then “File Sharing” and choose uBooks app.
      A new window will be opened on the right side where you can delete your files.

  • Curious about the alert triangle I get on the books list on a couple of my text files. I didn’t see anything in the docs about this.
    Also, I have had trouble this morning with a file that seemed to cause all RAM to slowly be allocated causing the application to crash with out of memory errors. Only this one file seems to cause the problem. I tried reloading the app from the iCloud, and got the same result, and when I tried to change the font size with the zoom option, the program went into a look with the circling circles, and never came out. I had to force the task to terminate, and then reload from iCloud, again. As a result, I have had to reload all my files. I did not reload the troublesome file.

    • Hello Ronald,

      Thank you for letting us know. I’ve recieved your letter about “out of memory error” and answered on it. We are still working on this issue.
      As for “the alert triangle”, it can be some problems with xml file. Please send me your book. Also could you clarify how many books you have in uBooks.
      Thank you!

      • I have deleted the offending files. I have about 650 .txt files loaded. They range from about 20K bytes up to over 3 megabytes in length.

  • The font size at it’s largest is still to small.

  • I just updated ubooks on my old iphone which I use exclusively for reading. Only when the app crashed did I find out that I need iOS 5.0 or higher, My phone does not support iOS 5. How do I restore the old ubooks app to work on my iphone 3gs?

  • About 2-3 weeks ago translate stopped working, producing the message:
    An error occurred: (10001)

    No settings changes in settings (language) do any good. Could you please help?
    I recall this happens before a year or two ago, and went away by itself. But now it seems going to stay.
    uBooks 2.4.5 3660b


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