A fit body and wellness is what everyone wants!
uActive is an iOS app to maintain a healthy lifestyle and improve fitness results.
HealthKit integration provides information from all of the popular trackers such as pedometer, “smart” watches, and sports bracelets. It provides  you with a full picture of your daily activities and effectiveness of your workouts.

The greatest feature of this application is an informative PDF report that you can send to your personal trainer or dietitian. Then, with help of a specialist, you can adjust your workout plan and routines.

uActive - iPhone
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Core features:

  • Tracking the dynamics of your daily activity or a single workout;
  • Calculation of calories based on individual characteristics, intensity of exercises, and type of sport;
  • These are various calculation indicators that are used in counting:
    • Weight, height, age, gender;
    • Individual maximum heart rate (HRmax);
    • Pulse during workout;
    • Individual resting heart rate (HRrest);
    • Individual maximal oxygen consumption (VO2max );
    • Type of sport or activity;
    • Distance traversed, steps.

Set up your resting heart rate in the app settings for a precise burned calories count.

  • Separate calculation of the basal energy consumption and active calories to plan your trainings properly;
  • Exercise intensity is estimated by computing heart rate zones.
  • Workout in a particular zone (Warm up, weight control, cardio training, anaerobic exercise, and red line zone) will ensure the result you desire.
  • The app creates a PDF file with all of your daily workout results.

You move, you live, uActive – we count every step!

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