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NIX Solutions is a team of highly-skilled developers and engineers. We work on various projects from software design through development. On this page, you can share your experiences with NIX Solutions the reviews. Thank you for choosing our services. We hope we met or even exceeded your expectations.

All reviews are read and taken into account by NIXSolutions managers. We are proud of our hundreds of loyal customers and the equally numerous successfully completed projects. Your words in NIX Solutions' reviews motivate us to continuously improve our processes as we tackle more projects and achieve higher rewards. Look our reviews in PDF.

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Apptimality, Inc.

Working with NIX Solutions has exceeded my expectations in every way. I have given positive reviews on e-lance before, but frankly NIX Solutions far exceeds my other experiences! They were courteous, professional, and above all responsive. I will continue to do business with NIX Solutions. Highest recommendation!!!

— Aaron Gani project gave us an exciting task to organize smooth interaction of various technologies. We created a custom poll system for web browser (Java). It performed collection of the required data from the respondents’ mobile devices on iPhone, Android, and Blackberry platforms.

— NIX Solutions

Blue Sail Creative

I have had the opportunity to work with Olga and her team at NIX Solutions over the course of several projects. Olga is very professional, works hard to make sure that the project is done on time and correctly. NIX Solution is a professional and incredible organization that I can’t say enough good things about!