Preferans (Preference) – is a popular card game for three or four players. During the game, players need to maintain complex scoring. We decided to create a useful app to simplify the process.

uPrefScore – it’s a handy scores calculator in Preferans. Currently available for iPad and in the meantime, we are going to develop an iPhone and Android version.

The app supports Sochi and Leningrad scoring systems with all rules implemented according to Codex of rules for Russian Preference.

After each round the app automatically records corresponding pool, dump and whists points to the score sheet. 

The application saves all started games – you can always continue to play where you left off. Moreover, it has available to view the history of rounds and allows editing of rounds results. Also, uPrefScore tracks the dealer automatically and has built-in declarer’s cards tracker for misère and regular games with defenders’ cards revealed.

Main features:

  • uPrefScore supports Leningrad and Sochi scoring;
  • game rounds recording for 3 or 4 players;
  • dealer’s auto-tracking;
  • support for “half-whist”, ”shared misère for two”;
  • All-pass game with progression from x1 to x3 points;
  • Two different types of end-of-game pool points limits, “American aid” support;
  • resume game where you left off;
  • view history: shows who played what, number of tricks won and final points for the round;
  • previous round results editing; 
  • fines support;
  • declarer’s cards recording feature in the misere or defenders revealed rounds.

It’s time to round up friends and play Preferans with a handy pool calculator!

Category: Utilities, Games

Size: 176,2 МБ

Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later. Compatible with iPad.

Language: Russian