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uBooks XL for iOS

For those who enjoy auto-scroll reading, I just posted a detailed review of uBooks xl on my blog. (A free ad-supported version is also available.) This and Tomes are really the only worthwhile choices for auto-scroll on iOS. Feel free to comment on the article if you’ve tried uBooks.

Original Review from MeSue

uPackingList for iOS

I tried a lot of packing apps, and finally tried this. From the start it has 90% of every list you ever made, no matter where you go. Second, you can easily edit app lists and simply create your own. I created my lists and now every time I move somewhere, I always calm, cause I know that no matter what I didn’t miss something. thanks.!

Original Review from dj@nd®e

uFlowers for iOS

Nice app. Easy to use and has basically everything you need to keep track of your plants in garden. Gives you option to add unique plants or flowers you may have and all the information you get from tag when you buy. The only reason I gave 4 stars was the database not very large. But when you are adding the unusual plants or flowers you may have it asks you if you’d like to submit this plant & it’s info to the database. It’s very quick & easy to do. We’ll see if they listen & respond to requests. But I did ALOT of research looking for an app that’s simple, detailed and inexpensive. So far this fits the bill.

Original Review from Bullock

BrickArena for iOS

Good game for people who love Tetris. Great, “Multiplayer” mode won my heart, thanks:)

Original Review from Servejo

Great old game! New idea of the old great game is amasing ! Thanks !

Original Review from Vladies

Nostalgia! Remembered my childhood :) Thanks a lot for a game!

Original Review from Jason