IT Project Management Services

IT project is always the embodiment of interesting ideas. It’s creation of something new and unique you want to bring into the world. Just concentrate on the ideas and leave the schedule and team coordination to NIX Solutions.

Keeping the team of experts in different IT areas working together on one project  is pure art. We’ve been perfecting our skills in the art of IT Project Management for more than a decade and have released more than 1000 international projects.

Project Management Services That We Offer

NIX Solutions provide Project Management Services for the clients who want to have their projects delivered in time with required quality and with no worries. We can coordinate any development and world spread team of developers, designers, QA engineers, DA architectures and other experts involved into the IT project.

Project Manager can get on board at any stage. Although the world practice has shown that the most successful IT teams work with their project manager from the very beginning – the  stage of project analysis and estimation. In this case customer only has to describe the idea and project manager will provide the right solution.

IT Project Management Services

Project Manager is tracking the work of every participant and  controls the project from the analysis stage up to support of the released project. Project Manager is the person who understands every technical detail well enough to estimate its importance and value for overall success.

The customer is always  kept informed with the project updates by manager.

We use transparent and secure project management systems and prepare daily reports for you to keep an eye on the project.

IT Project Management Services from NIX Solutions Include:

Project manager will handle all the following tasks for you:

  • leading project from analysis and scheduling up to support of released project;
  • determining requirements, resources and schedule for project implementation;
  • creating and maintaining technical and project documentation;
  • performing team assessment and evaluation;
  • assigning individual responsibilities within the team;
  • managing day-to-day operational aspects of a project and scope control;
  • effective foreseeing, preventing and/or solving project issues.

Delegate project management job to the expert and save your time for business and pleasure.

NIX Solutions implement your ideas and dreams today for you to enjoy them tomorrow.