Admission to learning programmes:

Education programs: Java

To be admitted to company training and to fill in the vacancy successfully in the future, you need to submit your CV on our email –  and choose an open learning program that you are interested in.

After you send us your completed CV, the Training Center Manager will contact you and set up a date and time for testing in the company office.

You should refresh all your knowledge and prepare well, because in the future you will advance through the next stages:

1. Testing

You need to pass a test on NIX’s online platform. You will receive a link to it after you finish the application for training. The test task includes testing theoretical and practical skills. You can get acquainted with the list of requirements for each program here.

2. Processing Results

Your test will be considered by the technical experts of our company. You will get feedback on the results of the test within two weeks from the manager of the Student Center.

3. Interview with the Manager of the Educational Center and an Expert

If you pass the test, we will invite you to an oral interview with one of our experts and a psychologist from the Learning Center. For us, it is important not only the level of your knowledge but also how comfortable you will study in a group with other trainees. Each team has its habits and traditions. An interview with our psychologist will help us understand which team you will feel the most comfortable in.

4. The Learning Program

If you pass an interview with our expert and psychologist, you will receive an invitation to study.

Each learning program has its schedule, which you can read here.

Under the leadership of our experts, you will get theoretical and practical skills sufficient to gain a position in our company.

At the end of the training, a written test is conducted to assess the level of knowledge you received during the training.

5.Interview with an HR Manager and Expert

If you successfully complete the test task at the end of the training, we will offer you to be interviewed for a position with a technical expert and HR manager. This interview is necessary because you will be waiting for real tasks for real projects. You have to do these tasks in the team with which you will continue to work for a long time. You must work as effectively as possible, as we will pay special attention to the team you feel most comfortable with.

6. Beginning Your Role

If your level of knowledge meets the requirements of the position, we will offer you to join our team.