Сelebration for Kids and Grown-Ups

9 July 2015

This summer’s Children’s Day started right at the doorstep of NIX Solutions. What’s more exciting than meeting the real Peppa Pig and a team of Superheroes? Most of our special guests — the little IT experts — have already been to our New Year’s party, so they have been expecting this day for months. They eagerly puttered about their Mom and Dad’s work areas and got acquainted with their colleagues and friends. The first-timers timidly hid behind their parents and took a little more time to warm up.

And nothing would warm them up faster than delicious, colorful treats: Superhero cupcakes, caramel popcorn, lollipops, marshmallow, and candy bars!

Once the sweet tooth army got satisfied, the little IT experts went to get their makeup done for their photoshoot with house doves. The doves felt absolutely free and flighty at this year’s NIX Solutions children’s party.

Then it was adventure time with the Peppa Pig and her friends, Hulk, Iron Man, and Captain America…

At Peppa’s party, the kids went through the magic tunnel, picked up the Rabbit’s trial, made wishes for Peppa, trained the Dog to be kinder, and cheered up the sad Rabbit.

Meanwhile, the older children revealed their superpowers, took the Superhero’s vows, and showed the surroundings to the creatures from another planet. These boys and girls mastered intergalactic teleportation, moved through the ice caves, learned how to throw a lasso, and celebrated their victory at the aliens’ party.

The fun and games were capped by a hearty lunch. After that, we bid our little guests goodbye, sending them home with lots of memories of Superheroes and Peppa Pig adventures at NIX Solutions.

Congratulations, little IT experts! Thank you for coming and hope to see you again.