• Web Development Services

    NIX Solutions is an offshore web development company offering a great variety of professional web development services. It is a fundamental part of our company. We pay great attention to forming teams and care about proficiency of every web developer in our company. Our programming experts are always armed with knowledge of the latest innovations in the world of custom web development. Main directions of web development services we provide include PHP, Flash, Java, CMS, and .Net. These technologies allow us to implement a wide range of web design and development projects.

    Popular Web Projects

    • Social Network sites provide the most progressive way of communication in modern world – via social networking system. Popularity of Facebook social network is a hard proof of increasing importance of the system. Our website localization service can come in handy in case you’re going to run a website oriented on Russian speaking audience.
    • Web Portals are massive sites full of  interactive content. There users can find plenty of interesting information such as news,  weather forecasts, different kind of entertainment or  manage their e-mails and talk in chats etc.
    • Web applications can be both independent and a part of a complex web project. As web application development company we are experienced in creation of failure-free custom web apps, that are able to operate under high traffic loads and process a great amount of data.
    • E-commerce web development results in web sites designed for a successful online business activity. E-commerce projects developed by NIX Solutions stand out for reliable information security, integration with PayPal, convenient back-end system with plenty of features for editing.
    • System Web Interface basically performs input/output of corporate information. Such interface is a result of professional web design development, which raises efficiency of business process through the improvement of information exchange process.
    • Video Chats  allow users make video calls via Internet. Users can hear and see each other during the call, organize video conferences for groups, which is very convenient for people whose business requires travelling.
    • Games that we develop can be integrated in Facebook or other web resources or game portals. Combination of social network and good games works very well, increasing traffic and popularity of your web project.

    Web Technologies

    Custom web application development services require different technologies. Implementation of  your  idea  means creation of a dedicated team of experts, which may combine PHP and Flash web developers or any other needed for project.

    • PHP (LAMP) and PHP/MySQL  experts develop flexible and scalable websites and applications. This programming language is the most popular these days. Check our PHP portfolio to get acquainted with web projects we completed.
    • CMS developers  are real experts in WordPress, a very popular tool for web site development. Our own framework “WordPress Constructor” was included into the list of top WP themes. The portfolio of our CMS projects is available.
    • Java developers work on creation of multifunctional systems and their user-friendly interface. It includes a great number of projects. For deeper understanding take a look at our Java portfolio.
    • .Net technology is supported by Microsoft Company and its framework is integrated in Windows OS. Developers efficiently utilize provided services in web site development, which you can see in .Net portfolio.
    • Flash team is specialized in rich internet application development. Among the advantages of such apps are higher interactivity and functionality, asynchronous communication and advanced interface. In our Flash portfolio you can see what kind of web sites can be created by means of Flash.