Junior Java Developer

At NIX, we believe that every individual, including beginners with minimal or no experience, deserves the chance to develop and progress. We are providing this in practice, so now we are looking for a Junior Java Developer to join our team. This role will provide the selected candidate with ample opportunities to embark on a promising career. 

We are looking for a contractor who, if necessary, is ready to independently relocate to Hungary, Budapest.


These milestones outline the key stages of the probation period, focusing on acquiring the knowledge and skills necessary for real-world project involvement.

Standardization of knowledge and skills

You’ll undergo a structured training program designed to ensure your knowledge and skills align with industry best practices and internal company standards for Java Engineers.

Curriculum alignment

We’ll collaboratively assess your existing knowledge and identify any gaps relative to the established standards. The training curriculum will then be tailored to address these specific needs, ensuring you receive the most relevant and impactful instruction.

Individual Development Plan (IDP)

In collaboration with your development manager, we will create a personalized IDP that outlines specific technologies and skills crucial for your role and the company’s needs. This plan will serve as a roadmap for your continued learning and development throughout the probation period.

Technology acquisition

We’ll provide you with the necessary resources to gain expertise in the technologies identified in your IDP. This may include access to online courses, technical documentation, and mentorship from senior developers.

Practical experience

As you progress through the training program and acquire new skills, you’ll be assigned development tasks that allow you to apply your knowledge in practice. This hands-on experience will bridge the gap between theory and practice, allowing you to confidently apply your knowledge in real-world scenarios and prepare you for full participation in ongoing projects.

Throughout this process, we encourage active participation and open communication. Your questions and insights are valuable contributions to your professional development, and we foster a collaborative learning environment where you can thrive.


  • A passion for learning and a willingness to continuously improve your skills.
  • Excellent knowledge of Object-Oriented Programming principles, particularly in Java.
  • Solid understanding of Java Core functionalities.
  • Experience writing Unit tests to ensure code quality.
  • Skills working with relational or NoSQL databases.
  • Familiarity with the concepts of the Spring framework.
  • Understanding of HTTP/HTTPS and RESTful APIs.
  • Experience working with Git or similar version control systems.
  • Experience with project-building tools like Maven or Gradle.
  • Confident technical English for comprehending documentation and expressing your ideas clearly.


  • Knowledge of Spring Boot and its functionalities.
  • Understanding of Object-Relational Mapping (ORM) tools like Hibernate.
  • Adherence to established design principles such as DRY, KISS, YAGNI, and SOLID principles for maintainable and scalable code.
  • Experience working with Docker or other containerization tools.
  • Knowledge of JavaScript and a basic understanding of front-end frameworks like Angular or React.


  • Competitive compensation packages.
  • Stable employment, based on a full-time employment contract.
  • Private health insurance (Medicover).
  • AYCM sport pass, providing discounts at various sports facilities in Hungary.
  • Interesting tasks and diverse opportunities for developing your skills.
  • Free training courses.
  • Participation in internal and external thematic events, technical conferences.
  • All necessary devices and tools for your work.
  • Active corporate life.
  • The friendly and supportive atmosphere within the team.

To start a successful career with NIX, send your resume to jobs@nixsolutions.com. We will be happy to overcome new professional challenges together with you!