How To Make Games At White Nights

31 July 2015

At the end of July Nevosoft organized an international White Nights Mobile & Social Games Conference at “Baltic House” in St. Petersburg. Our experts were among the participants.
The most discussed topics at the conference were promotion and traffic work, game design, in-game economy.

“White Nights conference is for those, who want to make a profit from their creativeness,” – says Julia Lebedeva, Business Development Manager at Nevosoft, who organized this conference. “This is a place where developers get feedback from professionals, find a publisher, an investor, and discuss the possibility of getting traffic from platforms or purchasing it from advertising networks.”

The conference included speakers from Epic Games, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, G5, Mail.Ru, Unity, Unreal Engine, Yandex, VK, and representatives of media –,,

Pavel Golubev, CEO at Appodeal, reported about the increase of profit by ad networks, principles of RTB-exchanges, and Second-Price auctions.

Anastasia Perina, Business Development Executive at RJ Games, told about the market of social networks, the evolution of the genre, and growth opportunities for game promotion in Russian social networks, as well as Facebook development.

Akin Babayigit from Facebook Audience Network showed the effective use of the Facebook applications monetization tools.

Univers-Consulting LLC General Director Natalia Galkina made an interesting presentation on the use of neurotechnology in game development, monitoring and determine the physiological, emotional state of players during the game.

Stephan Sandry, the Marketing Specialist at Wooga, shared the secrets of creating a successful game teaser and well-thought-out “seeding” before the game release. He used the game “Agent Alice” by Wooga as an example.

Our experts visited all limited presentations:
Facebook – Workshop on optimizing advertising campaigns on Facebook
Yandex – effective launch of mobile applications
Unreal Engine – Unreal Engine 4: all about mobile development

Round table from Game Insight, Creative Mobile, G5 Games, Playrix, and Nekki – “Frankly on mobile gaming business” ended the day.

The second day of the conference opened with a report on real-time marketing by Sheil Ross, Chief Twitter EMEA.

Alex Rehlov, the external project producer at Creative Mobile OÜ, told about the basics of building an in-game economy.

The second day ended with summing up the winners of INDIE GAME CUP 2015.
“Best Art” – Lost Socks from Naughty Brothers
“Best Game Design” – Perils of Man
“Best history” – Karma. Incarnation 1

The guys from Unity Technologies and Nerf Game are really worth to be noted. Nerf shared their technical solutions, and Unity was told what to expect in the future. Encouraged by numerous useful technical information and interesting acquaintances.

Paul, developer at NIX Solutions


“WNC was always about multi-faceted, complex, interesting business. Making a wonderful game is not enough – you need to bring it to the audience; Any budget becomes useless if your product is of inferior quality and you don’t buy traffic in the right way. Everything should work in a complex.” – Yulia Lebedeva commented.


No doubt that NIX Solutions experts will use the gained knowledge and experience at their own lectures.


The experience was really valuable for us. First day we had time to visit the pre-party, meet and talk with a lot of bright people. The conference gave us meeting the representative of Unreal Engine in Eastern Europe. Many thanks to White Nights for the wonderful opportunity that has brought us a lot of useful information and interesting acquaintances.

Egor, developer at NIX Solutions