Proven Way to Promote Websites in Russia

21 February 2013

What do you know about Russian internet? How different it can be? Did you know it has its own rules? Let’s say you are promoting a website targeted at Russian-speaking audience. What differences are waiting for you?

The first and the major distinction is Yandex. It is the most popular search engine in Russian internet. It is vital to optimize your website for algorithms of Yandex search engine, because it is way ahead of Google in the Russian online market.

What is it like – SEO with Yandex?

Promotion in Yandex takes much more time than a full-fledged campaign aimed at other search engines. It depends mostly on the fact, that Yandex treats new websites with a good deal of suspicion. That’s why most the resources launch fruitful campaigns in this search engine only a year after release.

Proven Way to Promote Websites in Russia
Making up the search results Yandex pays great attention to the region. When someone enters a geo-targeted request (keyword related to a certain region, e.g. ‘taxi’ or ‘buy iphone’) to the search box, it’s very likely that he wants to see the results for his region, not from other cities. For each of the regions Yandex has its own ranking algorithm.

Going for Context Advertising? Yandex.Direct

Yandex.Direct is a system of contextual advertising on services and websites of Yandex Advertising Network. Direct has a more specific functional in comparison to Google Adwords. Nevertheless Yandex doesn’t stop developing this service. For now Yandex.Direct is a major player in the Russian advertising market.

Proven Way to Promote Websites in Russia
Using a Yandex keyword statistics tool (, an analogue of Keyword Tool from Google, you can analyze all the keywords and launch an advertising campaign with them in Yandex.Direct right at once.

Yandex.Metrica to Measure

Yandex.Metrica is a Russian analog to Google Analytics. This tool measures traffic, analyzes visitors’ behavior on websites, and estimates the efficiency of advertising campaign.

Proven Way to Promote Websites in Russia

This tool has certain advantages absent in Google Analytics. For example, a nice intuitive user interface or a feature allowing you to see the recorded actions of visitors as well as their movements on your website.

Yandex.Webmaster to Count

Yandex.Webmaster is a tool showing the number of pages in search, amount of backlinks leading to the site. It also monitors the behavior of crawlers on your site, shows the time of their last activity, etc. You can find Yandex.Webmaster here

Proven Way to Promote Websites in Russia

Yandex.Market to Sell

The greatest market place to compare offers from online sellers of RuNet. It contains a catalog of products, their description and characteristics. There’s a parameter search available as well as the intellectual system of “ready recipes”. The system resembles Google Shop but some consider it even more convenient.

Proven Way to Promote Websites in Russia

Contextual advertising at Yandex.Market is a tool oriented mainly on e-commerce companies. Service quality of the shops represented at Yandex.Market undergoes regular checks. That’s why the tool gained special trust from the users. Yandex.Market is a place where sellers meet customers.

Yandex.Catalog to Place

Yandex.Catalog is a Russian language analog of English DMOZ. Placing the website at Yandex.Catalog is a strategic step, as it provides rankings for the site in several regions at the same time. It gains more trust to the website, which positively influences on its rankings.

Proven Way to Promote Websites in Russia

What about Social Networks?

While Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+ are surely holding the lead in the world, in the Russian market and have taken their place. These social networks offer some additional services for advertising such as targeting for regions, age and sex groups. It allows you to control your campaign, making it more relevant, targeted and efficient.

Proven Way to Promote Websites in Russia

Website Quality

Gathering a client base you should always remember about usability. Websites should be appealing, otherwise it’s a sure failure. People in Russian market segment are incredibly demanding. They are not likely to purchase anything on the site they don’t like. Your website must look not just better than others, but be the best!

Russian online market provides capacity for foreign products to gain new loyal fans. Constantly developing it promises huge turnovers. It’s a good way to increase your clientele by targeting your online business at Russian audience. Today Yandex holds the 4th position in the world among other search engines, so use its power to grow your business.

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