How to Submit Site to Yandex

19 March 2013

Russian online market is growing with every moment, offering interesting opportunities for online businesses from all over the world. However Russian Internet has its own rules. If you are going to promote your website for the Russian-speaking audience then absolutely submit it to Yandex – the most widely used search engine in Russia. Of course, it offers its own special tools such as Yandex.Webmaster and Yandex.Metrica.

In this post you’ll find out:
How to submit your site to Yandex
Website verification on Yandex.Webmaster
How to share/grant the access to Yandex.Webmaster
How to set up Yandex.Metrika on the site
How to grant access to Yandex.Metrica

How do I Submit My Site to Yandex?

There is a special form for adding websites for indexing in this search engine.
How to Submit Site to Yandex
Register the URL of your website’s home page to queue it for indexing by Yandex. In case you have already submitted your site, the system will notify you about it. If there are any issues with hosting, just give it some time and try again to add your site later. The message with ‘URL forbidden for indexing’ means nothing else but your site is banned by Yandex.

What Should I Do to Add the Site to Yandex.Webmaster?

The first step for a website promotion will be its optimization for Yandex. Submit the website to or, depending on the language of the content. When submitting, use Yandex.Webmaster and add you site by simply entering its URL.

Yandex.Webmaster is a tool collecting information about your websites indexing. It tells Yandex about newly created or deleted pages. The tool adjusts the process of indexing and helps to improve website rankings in search results.

Yandex.Webmaster will answer the following major questions:

  • What pages have been indexed recently?
  • What keywords bring visitors to your site?
  • How to protect the site from viruses?
  • How to improve the website rankings?
  • Are there any problems with indexing of your web resource?
  • How many back links lead to your site?
  • How high is CY (Cyte index of Yandex)?
  • How to set the region your site is targeted at?

For websites with:

  • subdomains, it is important to add the main site separately from subdomains.
  • https://, be sure to use full URLs, do not omit https://.

How to Submit Site to Yandex

Website Verification on Yandex.Webmaster

There are 3 methods to verify a website:

Upload a file without content to the root directory of your site. The file should be named according to naming convention of Yandex (e.g.

  • Add a meta tag using the template: meta name=’yandex-verification’ content=’XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX’
  • Add DNS record using the template: yandex-verification: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
  • After Yandex.Webmaster has verified your site, it is automatically queued for the submission.

How Do I Share/Grant the Access to Yandex.Webmaster?

Sometimes you might come across the necessity to share the access to Webmaster’s dashboard with the third parties (a colleague, a partner or your SEO company). There are a few simple moves to grant the access:

    • Select the site on Webmaster’s dashboard.
    • Choose ‘Verification’ in the left menu.

How to Submit Site to Yandex

    • Enter the login of the existing account (without ‘’) you want to share with .

How to Submit Site to Yandex

    • Check the messages on the dashboard of the shared Webmaster.

How to Submit Site to Yandex

    • Find a notification about sharing the access.

How to Submit Site to Yandex

    • Press Add button to send the request on adding the website to the dashboard.

How to Submit Site to Yandex

After data verification the access will be granted with the rights of Administrator.

How do I set up Yandex.Metrika on Site?

Yandex.Metrica is a tool to measure traffic, to analyze visitors’ behavior and efficiency of advertising campaigns. Metrica works according to traditional principle of internet counters: code from your site records every visit, collecting the data about it. If you use Yandex.Metrica, there are certain benefits you can get from Yandex.Direct and Yandex.Market as an advertiser.

  • See what is happening with the Paid traffic from Yandex.Direct on the site.
  • Figure out the most effective means of promotion with the tools for analyzing the traffic.

How to Submit Site to Yandex
Installation of Yandex.Metrica is a simple procedure.

  1. Registration
    The first thing you should do is to get an account on Yandex. Go to the registration page and fill in the form.
    Getting a counter code
  2. Once registration is finished, go to the home page of Yandex.Metrica and click Get counter button. On the next page fill in the fields Name and Site, first of all. On the list of Settings tick the features you are interested in.
  3. Counter code installation
    The code should be added to all pages you need to track. Copy the counter code and paste it to the html code of the page right before thetag. From that moment you are able to track data on visits, keywords, etc. Check it in the Counters menu or Yandex.Metrica.

How do I grant access to Yandex.Metrica?

If you need to share the access to Yandex.Metrika, you just need to:

  • Click Access button in the upper menu.
  • Find your site on the list and click Edit button in the Actions column.
  • Press Add User button in the newly opened field.
  • Enter the login for an existing account in Yandex.Metrica – the one you want to share with – in the empty field.
  • Select the access level (for view only or administrator).
  • Approve by clicking Save button.

Once you’re finished, the access is shared!

As you can see Yandex is equipped with decent tools to make web promotion comfortable and efficient. It creates a good competition for Google, because some of Yandex tools work even better than their foreign analogues. Follow the rules of Yandex and your website will be on top!

How to Submit Site to Yandex

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