Android innovations at DroidCon, Moscow 2015

30 November 2015

NIX Solutions experts are always ready to take part in and enter interesting IT events and learn about the latest industry news, discuss new technologies, and share new knowledge with their team.

On September 25–27, 2015, our guys took part in DroidCon. This time, the office in Moscow held the largest Eurasian conference for Android developers. The office occupies one of the 27-story towers of the business center. A three-day conference program included performances designed for different target audiences.

1st — Tech day

To register, there was a simple test to cut out people not related to Android development. Two rooms were opened — a cinema and a meeting room, where reports were read simultaneously.

2nd — Business day

Everyone could enter the second day of the conference. This caused an influx of many people, however, the office of could hold them all together. This day an exhibition—that continued for two days—began. There were a variety of new products, somehow related to Android, on display.

Sony showed a TV with typical Android features and explained how to develop it using ordinary smartphones and special Android images, created for the company’s products. As for fun, we should mention, that ES Explorer looks very strange on a 40-inch screen. Participants could win a brand new Sony Xperia Z5 playing Asphalt with a PS4 joystick. :)

Epson revealed reality glasses, and Intel presented gadgets with the new Intel Atom x3 processor. Then Intel held a drawing with nice trendy presents, such as watches, sleep trackers, heart rate sensors, etc.

3D.RU demonstrated the possibilities of 3D printing, minimally relating to Android.

Voximplant — features of this product are:

– cheap calls;

– the ability to call from any device to any device, including a regular phone, browser page, etc.;

– native SDK for Android and iOS;

– React Native SDK for Android and iOS;

– video conference.

3rd — Community day

This day had the fewest visitors. It comprised workshops, demo camps, and bar camps.

Workshops — is a report that involves the active participation of the audience, such as solving problems relating to the implementation of the new technology.

Demo Camp — is a two-minute presentation of new projects, after which the jury gives advice on improvements.

Bar Camp — is a discussion of themes, which are written on a wall with markers by participants. Everyone wrote an interesting theme to discuss on the second day of the conference.

Our experts returned home with a bunch of new knowledge. As part of a well-settled tradition, our guys are going to share their knowledge with the NIX Solutions family.