• Website Localization for Russia and Ukraine

    Need a Website in Russian or Ukrainian?

    You’ve found what you’ve been looking for! Here at NIX Solutions, you can get the full range of professional Russian and Ukrainian website localization services. It is so much more than simple translation.

    Why Do You Need These Services?

    Let’s say you have a successful business and you’re looking for ways to expand. New markets bring new customers. It also gives you an opportunity to save by using the offshore services.  In the age of web globalization, it’s the right step. Russian and Ukrainian online markets can provide you with such an opportunity. They are rapidly developing and projected to grow significantly in the nearest future.

    It is important that foreign websites should be localized for Russian and Ukrainian-speaking audiences. There are certain differences between the cultures that should always be taken into account:

    • Time representation. Here 24-hour clock is used instead of 12-hour.
    • Currency conversion. All currency transactions can only be carried out in the national currency. The site is more convenient if the prices are represented in RUB, UAH, BYR, or other currencies.
    • Ecommerce payment systems compatibility. The most popular international payment system PayPal is not as broadly represented here as in the Western countries.
    • Conversion of measurement units. The metric system of units is the only system of measurement understood in this part of the world. No pounds, inches or miles; just kilograms and meters.
    • Idioms, slang, jokes, and other fixed expressions typical in one culture can appear to be sheer nonsense in other countries.

    3 Basic Steps to Prepare a Website for Russian or Ukrainian Speaking Audience:

    • Foreign Content Interpretation

    The process begins with source content analysis. We can give recommendations on how to make the content and structure of the site relevant for a new audience. When working on texts, we always remember that each social group of target audience has its own language depending on age, gender, occupation, etc. Our experts dive deep  into the field of your business so that the target text results of the highest quality. The ready copies are carefully revised, edited, and proofread before a final sign-off. And, of course, they are created according to the SEO goals of the website.

    • Website Adaptation for Target Audience

    Our website localization services include comprehensive adaptation of foreign websites for Russian- and Ukrainian-speaking countries. All types of content (such as copies, appearance and functionality) is analyzed with respect to its relevance to the target audience and then edited.

    We also offer on-site SEO work aimed at making your website popular and profitable among Russian or Ukrainian-speaking users. This service includes selecting and placing the keywords on the site and creating Meta Tags. After on-site SEO work is applied, your website will be much easier to find using Russian search engines. For some companies, on-site SEO is only the start of their expansion into the new market.

    • Localized Promotion

    After the localization process is complete, the site requires web promotion in the new environment. We offer different off-site SEO services and local optimization such as context advertising. The latter will be performed through Yandex.Direct, not just Google Adwords. Promotion in social media is also of great importance, but unlike the Western countries, Facebook is not the most used social network here. All of these services will bring your site to the masses.

    We can help you create a really good Russian or Ukrainian website. It doesn’t matter if you have some existing material or you want it to be developed from scratch – we can do it both ways.  Give us your English website and we’ll create its Russian or Ukrainian version right away!