Services FAQ

Here is the list of the most popular questions about website development. This list will help you to get a better understanding of our custom development process.

Starting of a Website Development

Communication and Timeframe for Website Development

Guaranties, Price, NDA

The Start of a Website Development

Q: What do I need when ordering a brand-new website?

You need to have an idea of what you want to get as a result. The clearer the view of the end product, the faster it will be implemented. Please fill out this form.

Q: I already have a website in HTML and I want to install it on a CMS. Can you do it?

Of course, we can do it. The design of a website will be exact or a bit updated, if needed. We’ll recreate the structure of a current site and upload existing or new content.

Q: I already have a website and want to integrate a blog using the same style. Will it work properly?

Certainly. The new blog will have the same style as the whole site and will be linked with other pages of the website.

Q: I’m looking for the development of a plug-in with certain features. Can you help me?

We develop not only websites but also plug-ins. We’ll help you implement them.

Q: What widgets do you install on a website?

There are plenty of widgets available for websites, but they need to be installed properly to perform their best on a website. Also, you don’t need them all at once as it slows down a website and increases the upload time. The approach we use allows us to minimize the number of HTTP requests and enhance the website performance. The two plug-ins that you do need are a plug-in for SEO and a Google Analytics code to track the popularity of your website.

Q: Which browsers do you support?

We support Internet Explorer 7 and 8, Mozilla Firefox 3, Flock, Chrome, Opera 10+, Safari by default. We provide support for Internet Explorer 6 by request only as this browser is not very popular and requires additional work.

Communication and Timeframe for Website Development

Q: I already have PSD files with the design of a website. How long will it take to convert them into HTML?

It depends on the PSD and its complexity. The first page usually takes at least 2 hours to be completed. If all other pages of the website look like the first one, then they will require less time.

Q: How long does it take to develop and launch a website?

It can be several days or weeks. A small website consisting of 5-6 pages will take a few days if you provide PSD files for all pages. An e-Commerce site or a complicated plug-in may require several weeks of work. Show us the scope of a project and we’ll tell you exactly how long it will take.

Q: How can we communicate?

We can communicate via e-mail, Skype, ICQ and other IMs. As a rule, these tools cover the modes of communication. We are located in Eastern Europe and our working hours are 10.00 – 19.00 GMT +2. If you’d like to have conference calls during the development process, we’ll set up the time suitable for you considering the time difference.

Q: How can I track the development progress?

Online collaboration can be held through different project management systems. At the moment, we use Basecamp and ActiveCollab which are great if you have many projects. If you intend to have just one outsourcing project, then we’ll prepare daily reports on completed tasks and the time spent on them.

Q: How soon will I get an answer for my WP development request?

A quote will be estimated within one business day for a small to medium project, and within two business days for a large or complicated project. We need this time to get the full view and provide you with the most accurate estimation using the given specifications.

Guaranties, Price, NDA

Q: What are the guarantees of your work?

NIX Solutions Ltd. is a well-known company that has been on the IT services market for 18 years and we care about our reputation. We guarantee that the code we deliver is clean and accurate. The CMS Team works on the freelance resource site Elance where the work is paid only after its delivery and acceptance. This service is free for clients.

Q: I’d like you to sign an NDA. Is it possible?

Yes, we can sign an NDA for the development of any WordPress product (theme, plug-in, etc.).

Q: How do you provide support of a completed website?

After we launch a website, we check its work and performance and fix any bugs that may occur. If you’d like to make some changes to the website that was not part of the original scope, we’ll be glad to help you. Thus, you’ll be able to hire a developer for one or two hours to implement any new feature.

Q: What are the prices for a website development?

There are two ways to charge for development work:

  • Fixed price for a project with exact specifications
  • Dedicated development. In this case the cost is equal to the number of hours multiplied by hourly rate. When the specifications are not very clear or it’s hard to estimate the project at the beginning, we will tell you the approximate duration of the project and its price level.

Custom website development can vary depending on project specifications.

Q: Do you work with CMS systems? What systems do you work with?

We work with WordPress, Drupal, Magento, OpenCart, and others.